Are you able to measure the health of your pipeline?

Pipeline health refers to the state of the revenue pipeline. A healthy sales pipeline means that there are enough leads and opportunities in each stage of the pipeline to ensure consistent revenue generation. Analyzing the pipeline health helps teams identify areas that require improvement, such as increasing lead generation, improving sales conversion rates, or shortening the sales cycle. By managing the pipeline health effectively, sales and marketing teams can increase revenue, improve forecasting accuracy, and ultimately achieve business growth.
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The 2023 State of Pipeline Generation
State of pipeline generation

Inside you’ll find:

Why It’s Important to Predict Your Pipeline for Future Periods

Predictable pipeline is crucial for achieving revenue targets and is a key factor in the success of a company.

Understanding of the Pitfalls of Current Measurements

There are several problems with the traditional approach to measuring pipeline health, including a disconnect between sales and marketing teams, a lack of context and visibility, and the use of reactive metrics.

A Model to Follow for Future Pipeline Health Measures

A new approach is needed to better understand and predict pipeline health, which requires close collaboration between sales and marketing teams, better tracking of the buyer journey, and the use of proactive metrics to measure the quality, not just the quantity, of leads.
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