Demystify Buyer Journeys from Dark Social to the Deep Funnel

Trace the most important touches and conversion paths from anonymous visit to pipeline & revenue.

Are you struggling to understand how your buyers are interacting with you?

See Every Touch with AI-Powered Journey Analysis

Trace the top conversion paths and the most important buyer journeys to inform decision making at every stage.
See Top journeys from creation to progressions
Choose the stages and events for the journeys
Choose the touches, activities you want to see
Filter by segment/region/channel/source
Trace journeys across the SDR/BDR/Sales motion
Drill into individual journeys and the individual leads that have completed those journeys
Deep Dive into the each of the Top Journeys and the # of steps within those journeys
Drill into individual leads and their respective journeys
Get insights into the Top touches and campaigns in the progression and conversion journeys
What are the top campaign types that lead to a Deep Funnel event (webinars, website visits, content downloads)
Which specific content and assets are effective

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If you’re not currently calculating ROI for your marketing campaigns, it’s time to start. Knowing ROI can help you improve your marketing results, get more out of your marketing budget, and build a stronger pipeline.

RevSure’s approach is built for the Modern GTM Motion

Adapts to a cookie-less world through unique fingerprinting of visitors
Integrates digital and non-digital touch points (field events, conferences, trade-shows etc.)
Integrates touch points across MAP, CRM, Paid Ad systems, ABM systems, Sales Automation, Direct Mail systems
Captures Non-linear journeys across Marketing / SDR/BDR
Captures brand and non-brand touches
Adapts to different GTM motions (Lead-based, Account-based, etc.)
connect everything

Power Up with RevSure

Integrate your sales and marketing tech stack for next level visibility into your end-to-end funnel.


Integrate Sendoso campaigns directly from the source to elicit the full funnel impact of your gifting campaigns across the Marketing, SDR/BDR and Sales initiatives


Integrate G2 Intent and Engagement  signals across Product, Category and Competitors to shine a light on the dark funnel, better track and attribute the entire anonymous visitor to conversion journey, improve full funnel attribution and enhance AI-powered lead and account prioritisation


Your HubSpot Marketing Automation and CRM data provides visibility into the full funnel for both marketing and sales. That information allows for more accurate prioritization and AI-based predictions for revenue creation.

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The integration of your Marketo marketing automation data will allow for better understanding of which leads are more likely to convert and which channels and campaigns are most efficient at producing revenue.

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Integrate your Salesforce CRM data to build a unified pipeline in Revsure and write back Revsure’s AI-powered pipeline and booking predictions to better prioritize leads and opportunities.


Pardot integration allows your marketing automation data to into Revsure. This helps to create a unified view into the funnel, allowing for a focus on efficiency.


With Salesloft, we can include data from your outbound efforts more seamlessly, helping you to understand the role outbound plays in your buyer journey and how to optimize it.

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Using the integration, customers will be able to understand which sequences are generating more leads and opportunities, and how those are performing.

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Data enrichment through your RevSure account with information from Apollo. This will give you more insights into your ICP and personas.

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Integrating with Slack allows you to receive recommendations and daily digests on what is happening with pipeline in real time.


The integration with LinkedIn Campaigns allows you to optimize campaigns based on revenue and pipeline creation, running more efficient ads to your target audience.

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With the Meta Ads integration, customers will be able to measure the lead, pipeline, and booking ROI of ads and campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. This integration will allow insight into the cross-funnel impact of those ads, as well.

Google Ads

Google Ads integrations allows for ROI maximization from campaigns, ads and keywords. This feedback allows you to optimize for revenue instead of top-of-funnel metrics.


Connect 6sense Revenue AI™ to RevSure and unlock the next level of insight. Go beyond intent with AI-powered recommendations that give you real time visibility into which leads have a propensity to convert into pipeline.

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Connect Demandbase Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software to RevSure and enhance your ability to find and engage with the accounts and buying groups most likely to convert into revenue.

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