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Integrate your sales and marketing tech stack to get full visibility into your end-to-end funnel.

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Power Up with

Integrate your sales and marketing tech stack to get full visibility into your end-to-end funnel.

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B2B Marketing & Revenue Teams Can’t Afford to Work in Silos

The inefficiencies it creates when looking at completely different data sets to make business decisions means wasted campaign spend, funnel leakage, or worse – missing out on a deal altogether. RevSure connects your entire sales and marketing tech stack to give you enhanced, unified insight.

Decode the Deep Funnel: From impression to closed/won, RevSure's native integration points give you the insight you need to make the best decisions.

Maximize Campaign ROI: Identify key drivers of pipeline generation, spot leakage, and pinpoint conversion bottlenecks effectively.

Campaign Spend Intelligence: AI-Powered campaign spend reallocation uses signals from your entire GTM motion, giving you real time recommendations on how to optimize every touch point for success.

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Native Integrations With Your Entire Tech Stack

Part of what makes RevSure so powerful is our native integration with your entire  sales and marketing tech stack. Unlike legacy attribution solutions, we incorporate every impression, click, visit, and conversion, giving you unprecedented insight into your end-to-end funnel.


Your HubSpot Marketing Automation and CRM data provides visibility into the full funnel for both marketing and sales. That information allows for more accurate prioritization and AI-based predictions for revenue creation.

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The integration of your Marketo marketing automation data will allow for better understanding of which leads are more likely to convert and which channels and campaigns are most efficient at producing revenue.

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Integrate your Salesforce CRM data to build a unified pipeline in Revsure and write back Revsure’s AI-powered pipeline and booking predictions to better prioritize leads and opportunities.


Pardot integration allows your marketing automation data to into Revsure. This helps to create a unified view into the funnel, allowing for a focus on efficiency.


With Salesloft, we can include data from your outbound efforts more seamlessly, helping you to understand the role outbound plays in your buyer journey and how to optimize it.

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Using the integration, customers will be able to understand which sequences are generating more leads and opportunities, and how those are performing.

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Data enrichment through your RevSure account with information from Apollo. This will give you more insights into your ICP and personas.

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Integrating with Slack allows you to receive recommendations and daily digests on what is happening with pipeline in real time.


The integration with LinkedIn Campaigns allows you to optimize campaigns based on revenue and pipeline creation, running more efficient ads to your target audience.

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With the Meta Ads integration, customers will be able to measure the lead, pipeline, and booking ROI of ads and campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. This integration will allow insight into the cross-funnel impact of those ads, as well.

Google Ads

Google Ads integrations allows for ROI maximization from campaigns, ads and keywords. This feedback allows you to optimize for revenue instead of top-of-funnel metrics.


Connect 6sense Revenue AI™ to RevSure and unlock the next level of insight. Go beyond intent with AI-powered recommendations that give you real time visibility into which leads have a propensity to convert into pipeline.


Connect Demandbase Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software to RevSure and enhance your ability to find and engage with the accounts and buying groups most likely to convert into revenue.

“B2B revenue productivity is at an all-time low. The best way to improve it is by digging deep into the blockers in your funnel and pipeline. Finally having stage-by-stage conversion, in one comprehensive view, is super powerful and actionable — it’s a level of insight I never thought we could achieve.”

Tom Murtaugh

VP, GTM Operations

"Just the breadth of information that RevSure presents around the whole funnel is excellent. While most companies look at just the pipeline or marketing data, RevSure bridges that gap by connecting the entire funnel. That's the core differentiator because I haven't seen any other platform offer this level of capability."

Mark Sladden

Revenue Operations Leader

 “With RevSure, marketers can confidently understand what will happen in the future and plan accordingly. RevSure provides insights that help you take actionable steps to improve your campaign effectiveness and overall marketing ROI - it’s one of the very few tools I use every single day.”

Tom Wentworth