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RevSure Pricing

A modern approach for B2B Marketing teams to predict, evaluate, and accelerate pipeline

Marketing ROI
What could you accomplish with a single, clear view of your campaign performance?RevSure helps you measure the current and predicted ROI of every campaign, channel, and lead source so you can focus on the tactical mix that yields the largest impact on revenue.
End-to-End Funnel Intelligence + Visibility
Uncover what’s happening in your marketing and sales funnel, so you know exactly what’s working, how much leakage is occurring, and where to focus resources/budget to win more deals.
Pipeline Predictability
RevSure captures every stage, touchpoint, account, and lead that goes into generating pipeline and delivers you the Al-powered pipeline generation and coverage predictions and recommendations you need to drive predictable revenue.
Pipeline Acceleration
Prioritize leads and accounts based on Al-predicted pipeline and booking conversion propensity so you can accelerate pipeline and revenue.
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How Pricing Works

Solution-based Pricing - Starting at:



White Glove Deployment Support
upto 300k marketed contacts (MAP)*
15 users

RevSure Solution / Use Case

Marketing ROI and Attribution

Full-Funnel Conversion Attribution

Campaign Spend Reallocation

Demand Generation Recommendations

Pipeline Acceleration

Account Prioritization

Opportunity Prioritization

Recommendation Tracking & Analytics

Pipeline Predictability

Pipeline  Generation Predictions

Pipeline and Booking Readiness

Confidently Commit to Pipeline Gen Targets

End-to-End Funnel Intelligence + Visibility

Single View Across Marketing + Sales

Funnel Trend Analysis

Stage-by-Stage Conversion Tracking

For pricing on the complete RevSure solution, Contact Sales for a custom quote.

*Additional 100k contacts will be billed at $3750/year

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RevSure's pricing work?

RevSure’s solution-based pricing model allows you to take advantage of the capabilities that matter most to your team. Pricing starts at $2,000/month and all plans come with White Glove Deployment Support, 15 Users, and 300k marketed Contacts  (MAP). If you need additional contacts, you can add them in 100k increments at a cost of $3750/year. 

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Does RevSure charge for integrations?

RevSure has native integrations with your entire tech stack to give you full visibility into your end-to-end funnel. Access to all 15+ integrations are included.

What can you tell me about privacy and security?

RevSure follows GDPR and CCPA guidelines to protect user privacy. Learn more from our Privacy Policy. RevSure is also SOC 2 Type II Certified.

How many team members can I invite to my account?

All plans come with 15 team members by default. We also offer SSO and 2FA support.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer all our customers White Glove Deployment Support and dedicated Customer Success. 

Is there a separate fee for Implementation?

No. Implementation and Onboarding is included as part of the subscription pricing.

How much time does it take to Go-Live?

Maximum 4 weeks to Go-Live. Customers start seeing their data, insights, predictions and recommendations much earlier during the implementation.

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