Struggling with Traditional Attribution and Campaign Reporting?

You're Not Alone.

I need to easily understand the cross-funnel conversion and impact of not just campaigns, but Ad groups and Ads too. This is a big ask from my CMO.

Head, Demand Generation

Most attribution solutions have the problem of death by combinations. What I'm looking for is something that helps me take decisions quickly on what's working and what's not.

VP, Marketing

We are trying to figure out the right nurturing tactics for leads based on what we have seen work earlier, e.g., before conversion are they scheduling a meeting, raising their hand, are they signing up for a trial, etc.

VP, Demand Generation

What are the most effective touch/campaign sequences Lead > MQL conversion vs. MQL > SAL? Our attribution does not give us that insight. It is limited to revenue and pipeline reporting.

Head, Demand Generation

We are struggling with accurate attribution of qualified leads and opportunities from what marketing initiatives, accurate prospect journeys and most impactful touches for conversion.

Head, Demand Generation

We need real-time insights on what to double down on.

Head of Marketing Ops

Get the Answers You Need with RevSure

Marketing is an investment. Like any investment, you’ve got to track return and prove value. RevSure helps sales and marketing teams identify top-performing campaigns, correlate spend with results, and drive pipeline.

Make better strategic decisions about your marketing

Attribute the impact of every action on conversions, pipeline, and revenue

Quantify marketing contribution across the full funnel

Optimize allocation of marketing spend and budget

Maximize pipeline and revenue ROI of campaigns

Scale initiatives delivering a return and pivot under-performing efforts

Improve lead nurturing and lead-to-opportunity conversion rate

Reduce pain of calculating and aggregating data for campaign reporting

Beyond Numbers: How SnapLogic Uses RevSure to Gain Actionable Insights From Their Data

What are the best performing marketing campaigns, and how are they trending quarter over quarter? Which A/B tests are actually accelerating opportunities?

Shreha Jain, Director, Marketing Operations at SnapLogic discusses how RevSure enables her team to better understand - and tell stories with data - giving them an additional layer of insights not previously available to the team.

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Optimize Every Touchpoint and Buyer Journey

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Gain true full-funnel attribution

Identify the highest-converting channels and campaigns

Understand successful buyer paths

…and more

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Feel the Power of Markov Chain-Based, 
AI-Powered Attribution

RevSure uses the Markov chain model to predict the probability of a sequence of events based on the most recent event. This powerful attribution model learns from sales and marketing data to generate the most accurate, probabilistic analysis of touchpoints and conversion paths.

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