Generate Pipeline Faster with AI-Powered Recommendations

RevSure Pipeline Acceleration delivers AI-powered recommendations to move every lead through the funnel, faster. Don’t rely on manual average-based calculations. See your next best action to drive conversions. Know exactly which leads to prioritize and campaigns to scale.

Ramp up and predict
pipeline generation

Find out which campaigns
are generating the best leads—and how to move them through the funnel

Get predictive lead recommendations

Improve stage-to-stage conversions

Introducing alerts in RevSure - Never miss an essential action item again!

Receive alerts for every new lead, deal progression, stagnating lead, lead with a blank field... and the list goes on. You can even update Salesforce fields without ever leaving Slack. With RevSure Alerts, you can reduce manual workflows, maintain good data hygiene, and never miss an important update again.

Drive Pipeline with AI-Fueled Lead Nurturing

  • Get actionable insights into the unique journey and attributes of every single lead
  • Prioritize leads by pipeline propensity and booking propensity for current or next quarter to accelerate revenue
  • Track and drive prospects through each stage of the funnel: lead, MQL, SAL, and SQL
  • Get AI-generated Top 100 recommendations for each pipeline stage

Predict Lead Behavior with AI-Propensities

  • Understand lead quality and potential at a glance
  • Enrich existing lead scores with AI-generated propensities
  • Integrate propensities into marketing automation and sales engagement systems including Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, Outreach, and Salesloft

Know Your Next Best Action

  • Get Next Best Action recommendations based on each lead’s GTM stage, unique journey and attributes
  • Identify high-performing campaigns and campaign types across Marketing, SDR/BDR and Sales
  • Schedule email and slack alerts to account owners and teams to drive action
Pipeline Acceleration

Speed to Pipeline: An AI-Fueled Approach to Lead Conversions

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Overcome Common Pipeline Challenges

We are trying to increase speed to pipeline and those answers are in the top and middle of the funnel leads, which is very messy.

VP, RevOps

90% of the MQLs are not being touched by the SDR team. This is a huge waste of investment.

Sr. Director, GTM Finance

We want to identify marketing-qualified accounts based on their activity and lead engagement.

VP, Demand Generation

We have no idea whether early-stage ops generated through marketing are being worked by the SDR/Sales team or if there are any sales activities against them.


Get the Answers You Need with RevSure

Optimize go-to-market strategy, create more pipeline, convert opportunities, and drive revenue with RevSure solutions.
RevSure Demand Generation Effectiveness

Predict campaign, pipeline, and revenue performance

Get campaign recommendations

Pivot efforts early for best results

Simplify complex campaign reporting

RevSure Funnel Conversion Attribution

Capture contributions across Marketing, SDR/BDR, and AE motions

Get recommendations for top-converting journeys

Analyze synergies across campaign types, teams, medium, and regions

RevSure Pipeline & Revenue Attribution

Quantify campaign contribution to pipeline and revenue

View and compare attribution methods

Identify top-performing campaigns

No more random acts of marketing.

Full Funnel Attribution, Pipeline & Revenue Predictions,  and Funnel Intelligence – all in one place.