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Deepinder Singh Dhingra

“B2B companies are struggling to drive predictable growth, which is a combination of pipeline generation and conversion. While there are revenue intelligence tools for pipeline conversion and sales forecasting, intelligence for pipeline generation has been an afterthought. This impacts all revenue teams - Marketing, SDRs, and Sales that drive the pipeline generation journey. An unpredictable pipeline leads to unpredictable revenue generation.

Sales Pipeline Readiness is the missing link in driving predictable & profitable revenue growth, and Pipeline health needs to be on every revenue leader, CEO, and Board’s agenda.”

Deepinder Singh Dhingra
Founder & CEO, RevSure.AI

When teams work in silos without connected intelligence, the Golden triangle of pipeline generation, becomes the Bermuda Triangle of pipeline leakage.

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The Gap of Pipeline Generation Intelligence

Gap of pipeline generation intelligence
Silos in the Revenue Intelligence software landscape

Silos in the Revenue Intelligence software landscape

The silos of ownership in GTM teams (Marketing, SDRs, Sales) are directly reflected in the available revenue intelligence software. Most tools focus on serving individual teams resulting in a vast gap for pipeline generation, which is a team sport.

Bias for Pipeline Conversion vis-a-vis Pipeline Generation

Bias for Pipeline Conversion vis-a-vis Pipeline Generation

Most revenue teams will acknowledge that Pipeline Generation is the life-blood of revenue generation. However, the short-term focus on sales forecasting and pipeline conversion trump the agenda across leadership teams and boards.

Ineffectiveness of Generic BI tools

Ineffectiveness of Generic
BI tools

Generic BI tools are not purpose-built to understand the nuances of the integrated marketing, SDR, and sales lifecycles and get limited to aggregate reporting on metrics with no predictive intelligence or actionable recommendations.

No Predictive Pipeline Visibility

No Predictive Pipeline Visibility

Sales forecasting tools do a good job of forecasting sales once a pipeline has been created. However, they are unable to provide predictive visibility into pipeline creation against targets and recommend appropriate actions.

RevSure addresses three core aspects of Sales Pipeline Readiness

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Mike Sitter

"What we find is that we don't always know what some of these drivers of conversion are. We just started looking at employee size segmentation across a lot of our analysis; that's because someone thought it was worth looking at, and not because it was some model that told us to look at it. That's really the catch - how much data you are able to ingest and what dimensions you work at – That’s where the value comes in for the insights for sure with RevSure."

Mike Sitter
VP, Business Operations, Sisense

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Assured Pipeline generation. This quarter and next.

AI-based projections for pipeline and booking targets for multiple quarters

A connected 360-degree view of the revenue funnel across marketing & sales

Maximize the ROI of your Marketing and SDR investments

Improve visibility and alignment across sales & marketing functions

Improve conversions using stage-by-stage insights of lead movements

Improved pipeline readiness to better predict and hit goals

Discover the true state of your pipeline with Sales Pipeline Readiness

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