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Connect,Harmonise, Report & Analyse across the Full Funnel

Use Gen AI to answer any question

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Connect across the GTM Motion
1.Integrates with all your GTM Data
RevSure connects natively to your entire tech stack, including: Website Analytics, CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Ad Platforms, ABM Software, Enrichment Tools, and more.
The data from all of these systems powers the RevSure GTM Data Graph.
2.RevSure GTM Data Graph'" Comes Online
The RevSure GTM Data Graph connects all prospect touch points and harmonizes data from multiple systems across the Marketing, SDR/BDR. and Sales motions. Historical data is used to train this model and it becomes the single source of truth.

Ask and Answer any question using GenAl

RevSure Reli is a Gen AI-powered chatbot that combines the power of generative AI with integrated data to supercharge your marketing and sales performance.
Get instant answers to your most pressing questions
Share insights and make decisions faster
Leverage AI generated insights and recommendations
Reduce workload with automated summaries and reports

Create your own dashboards Choose between different metrics

RevSure lets you design dashboards with customizable widgets and BI charts, allowing easy reporting with a personalized touch. Unlock insightful analytics and streamline your reporting process effortlessly.
Automate data harmonisation and mapping across multiple sources
No-code environment for unifying data across the funnel
Flexibly analyse and create dashboards on your data
Ask and answer questions across the GTM motion
Enable reliable reporting
Manage data access securely

Learn how the platform can benefit your Team

Digital Marketing and Analytics
Get better, faster, and Stronger marketing reports with data automation
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IT and Engineering
Get a secure, scalable, and accurate solution for data collection and transformation
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Data Analyst and BI
No more messy data or silos. With Funnel the data is always ready for analysis
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