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Full Funnel Intelligence and Connected Data

Connect the E-2-E GTM funnel data across the Marketing, SDR/BDR and Sales motion. Analyse volume, velocity, and conversions at every stage to identify leakages and bottlenecks. Ensure transparency and single source of truth across all teams and systems.

RevSure Integrated Revenue BI Data Hub

Save bandwidth and costs
Integrated Revenue Data Hub
Single source of truth for GTM  teams
Accessible via BI tools for Fast Reporting Needs (Domo, Looker, etc.)
Secure Access. SoC2 and GDPR compliant

New Data Integrations for the Revenue Data Hub

Integrate campaigns and data from ABM solutions directly
Integrate first party website  data to identify anonymous visitors to deep funnel conversion
Integrate SDR/BDR sequences to understand effectiveness of all campaigns and touches

Unified Funnel & Cohort Intelligence supports advanced reporting & analytics

Advanced Funnel & Pipeline Analytics  to rapidly answer questions from the your GTM teams
Monitor the End to End Funnel across the Marketing, BDR and Sales motion in one integrated view
Analyze both Snapshot and Cohort funnels
Analyze Funnel Metrics and Movements like Volume, Value, Velocity, Conversion Characteristics across multiple dimensions (Region, Channel, Industry, Persona, etc.)
Support Weekly/Monthly/Quarter reviews on Addition, Progression, Leakage
Gen AI powered Chat-bot to get insights, predictions and recommendations
Automated summaries and reports delivered via slack/email/pdf
Support operational weekly/daily/monthly/quarterly reporting
In-app dynamic summarization

Operational Lead, Account & Opportunity Slack Alerts

Improve operational efficiency, stop leakage
Lead, Account and Opportunity Alerts delivered to Slack and Email
  • Leakage
  • Stagnation
  • Creation Alerts
  • Custom Rules

Learn how the platform can benefit your Team

Digital Marketing and Analytics
Get better, faster, and Stronger marketing reports with data automation
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IT and Engineering
Get a secure, scalable, and accurate solution for data collection and transformation
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Data Analyst and BI
No more messy data or silos. With Funnel the data is always ready for analysis
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