Increase Speed to Pipeline: Introducing RevSure Lead and Opportunity Alerts

See how RevSure’s Lead and Opportunity Alerts enable sales and marketing teams to improve “speed to Pipeline,” reduce operational overload, and streamline the revenue process.

RevSure Team
October 19, 2023
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Is your “speed to lead” and “speed to pipeline” in the tank because your SDR team is slow to respond to newly qualified leads?

Are you blindsided by deals stuck in the pipeline—and lack information about why?

These are common pitfalls at many companies. It’s almost impossible for sales and marketing teams to keep track of all the changes in their CRM systems—including new leads. The amount of lead data is overwhelming: who, when, and how it’s progressing, as well as owner and pipeline generation stage.

Adding spreadsheets simply won’t help because if your marketing team is doing its job well, there are always more leads flowing in.

Now there’s a way to stay on top of leads in progress, reduce admin headaches, and spend more time selling instead of pulling reports with RevSure’s Lead and Opportunity Alerts.

Align Sales and Marketing to Bridge Workflow Gaps

RevSure’s Lead and Opportunity Alerts send a notification for every new lead, unassigned lead, or stagnated deal, enabling sales and marketing teams see every lead as it converts, stay focused on their tasks, and solve problems proactively.

Alerts keep the information flowing and the deals going. An alert is a notification triggered by any change in your system, including record creation, deletion, and update. Alerts go to a defined list of stakeholders so that they can act immediately and keep the deal in progress.

Alerts are fully customizable for every team including when, how, and to whom they are sent. Once configured, alerts continue to serve critical information, notifying you and your team of any change. 

RevSure’s Lead and Opportunity Alerts bridge workflow gaps with some of the most commonly used channels including Slack. RevSure Alerts reduce operational overload for every team member on the GTM ladder from sales development reps (SDRs) to account executives (AEs). Your sellers will now know the pipeline generation probability of every lead and get recommendations on which leads to go after.

RevSure Alerts Solve Lead Flow Challenges

RevSure Alerts are a convenient method of staying up-to-date on vital information and keeping your team on top of time-critical events that require immediate attention. They’re also a fast and convenient way to create and update your sales playbook to ensure best practices are followed—without manually updating your records.

RevSure Alerts solve common lead flow challenges at every stage of the journey from creation to close.

Lead Creation

Most marketers and SDRs know how important it is to act on a lead before the critical time window closes. Having an alert mechanism greatly increases your “speed to lead” and improves your response time. Creation alerts ensure you never miss out on new leads and notify you to take action while they are still hot.

Lead Progression

Lead progression alerts provide full visibility into a deal’s journey through the sales pipeline. This helps AEs and sales managers get a better sense of the velocity of their deals and where they are getting stuck. Alerts immediately highlight anything about an account that they should know. These alerts also help marketers track a lead’s journey through the marketing funnel.

Lead Stagnation

SDR and sales teams often tend to miss leads or deals assigned to them. These leads stagnate in a stage and turn cold. Lead stagnation alerts notify team members if a deal has spent too much time in a stage without any outcome. You can ask sellers to progress it, close it, or leave a note on the status of the deal without having to leave Slack.

Lead Leakage

Leakage alerts are crucial for improving sales processes and strategies. Leakage alerts help teams understand where they went wrong. Real-time alerts allow you to follow up with the rep on exact details quickly and sometimes even salvage the deal. Alerts also help the team get a better idea of what kind of deals they are losing and why.

Configure Alerts to Meet Your Needs

RevSure Alerts serve a wide range of use cases and can be configured to meet the unique needs of your sales organizations.

Set Your Preferred Cadence: Choose when you’d like to receive alerts and how often. Send all the details of an alert in one single message or as individual messages for each lead or deal.

Customize Fields: Alerts are fully customizable and can be set to update a set of fields. For example, configure an alert on the Leads’ Account Owner field to be sent when it is empty. This will help you gather a list of unassigned leads and distribute it to your team or assign it in bulk to a new rep through Slack—all without having to open Salesforce.

Send and Upload Lead Details: The single message format also embeds a CSV file that can be downloaded for details of all leads and deals. This supports bulk updates, so you can update a field for all newly received leads.

Get Reminders: Never miss a lead again with alert reminders. For example, see all leads that have not been assigned to an owner until they are assigned. Choose the timing and frequency of reminders to sync with team needs.

RevSure’s Lead and Opportunity Alerts help sales and marketing align, clarify processes, increase collaboration, and keep your critical lead data sanitized. When every team member is on the same page, you’ll never have to worry about cold leads, slippages, miscommunication, or lost deals again. Use RevSure Alerts to connect your teams, dig in, and close more deals.

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