RevSure and HubSpot: Taking Visibility of Your Funnel Data to the Next Level

RevSure’s partnership with HubSpot was designed so that the unified funnel would be visible to both marketing and sales teams.

Sharath Iyengar
January 12, 2023
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Did you know that the marketing technology (MarTech) landscape grew to nearly 10,000 solutions in 2022? With growth in the MarTech space showing no signs of stopping, it’s no wonder that marketers now value integration as their top marketing technology requirement.

Syncing, analyzing, and getting the most out of data stored across multiple technology platforms through integrations not only allows for better platform adoption, but also improved data transparency and visibility across departments and teams.

As a marketer, we’re  sure you’re familiar with the marketing funnel and the sales funnel - the typical way that marketing and sales teams split up the buyer’s journey and their respective KPIs and goals. But what if it was possible to  integrate and unify these two funnels and their data into one? With one prospect-to-customer journey and funnel, you can easily identify areas with low conversion rates and pinpoint high sources of leakage or friction, ultimately helping you to have a greater impact on pipeline and revenue generation.

RevSure’s partnership with HubSpot, which syncs your marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) data, was designed so that this unified funnel would be visible to both marketing and sales teams, allowing for data transparency across the funnel – as well as improvements in demand generation effectiveness and sales pipeline readiness.  

Maximize Your ROI
As sales teams work with leads from different sources, there tends to be bias towards leads from sources that are deemed more qualified and easier to work – making other sources appear less than ideal. Similarly, marketing teams can feel very reluctant to say something expensive or time-consuming didn’t work, and push sales to qualify those leads anyway. But what if it was possible to eliminate the guesswork and gut perceptions, instead digging into funnel data to see what really is and isn’t working?

Here are a few key areas to measure and focus on throughout the funnel, so you can start maximizing your ROI:

Conversion rates at each stage of the funnel

  • Dig into insights from each stage of the sales funnel to learn what is converting forward at what speed, where there is leakage, and how you can fix it.
  • What regions, job titles, or industries are converting at a higher or faster rate than others?

Compare and contrast funnel sources

  • Analyze and segment your marketing and sales funnels to gain an understanding of your pipeline health, so you can prioritize your targeting, time, and budget where it will yield the best outcome.

Determine pipeline and funnel trends

  • Identify the most effective marketing channels, audiences, and tactics so you can optimize your marketing campaigns to drive the right leads and opportunities.

Identify and stop funnel leakage

  • Find out why your qualified leads are not converting to opportunities and where and why accounts are stuck in the sales process.

When you understand your conversion rates, lead velocity, best fit regions, job titles, and industries, as well as your highest performing sources and channels, you can shape and tweak your go-to-market plan accordingly.

With these insights you can also make sure you’re either fixing unnecessary leakage in the funnel, or removing it completely by targeting and focusing your efforts on areas and leads you know lead to higher rates of conversion - ultimately helping to generate more pipeline and revenue and maximizing your ROI.

Strengthen Alignment Between Marketing and Sales
Marketing’s job no longer ends after passing off leads that hit the MQL stage. With HubSpot and RevSure, you now have insight into the unified funnel and full visibility into its data, so you can begin to build a healthy and collaborative sales and marketing motion.

Are leads really dropping off after reaching the MQL stage? On the flip side, are conversion rates truly stalling after the SQL stage? With full funnel data visibility, you can now pinpoint where your conversion and leakage problems are once and for all - no more sales blaming marketing and vice versa.

You can’t argue data, and with sales and marketing teams aligning on the key sources, channels, and targeted groups that convert (and at a high velocity), you can more easily create a go-to-market plan that is backed by both marketing and sales. The RevSure + Hubspot solution is the first in the market to bridge this gap, and we think you’re going to love it!

Take the visibility of your funnel data to the next level with the HubSpot and RevSure partnership. Create transparency into marketing generated pipeline and lead intelligence, as well as the ability to maximize return on demand generation efforts, allowing you, as a marketing leader, to confidently commit to your pipeline generation and revenue goals.

No more random acts of marketing.

Pipeline & Revenue Predictions, Attribution and Funnel Intelligence in one place.
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