Introducing RevSure’s Sales Pipeline Readiness AI Solution: The Missing Link in Revenue Predictability

B2B SaaS companies are struggling with meeting revenue targets. Companies are missing pipeline generation targets across sales & marketing. Pipeline health needs to be on every revenue leader’s and Board’s agenda. Sales Pipeline Readiness is the missing link in driving predictable revenue growth.

Deepinder Singh Dhingra | Founder & CEO
August 23, 2022
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Each week, marketing, sales, and revenue leaders wake up and ask the same two questions:

  • “How do we convert more leads into qualified opportunities?”
  • “How do we hit our pipeline generation goals?”

The pipeline is the critical & necessary prologue to revenue generation. Gartner shares that 72% of Chief Sales Officers marked improving pipeline creation as their top priority.

Yet most modern revenue teams are still missing their goals. According to a recent August 2022 Pavilion Pulse Survey, 57% of respondents mentioned that their sales-driven pipeline was lower than the target, while 59% said that their marketing-driven pipeline was lower than the target.

In a recent article, Tomasz Tunguz says, “In many board rooms, the most important go-to-market number this quarter is pipeline health.”

Whether acquiring new qualified leads or driving more opportunities, today’s revenue teams typically find it difficult to drive predictable pipeline generation.

While there are revenue intelligence tools for pipeline conversion and sales forecasting, intelligence for pipeline generation has been an afterthought.

This impacts all revenue teams - Marketing, SDRs, and Sales that drive the pipeline generation journey.

But what’s standing in the way of driving pipeline readiness?

Revenue Funnel Chaos
Revenue Funnel Chaos
When teams work in silos without interconnected intelligence, the Golden triangle of pipeline generation becomes the Bermuda Triangle of pipeline leakage.
Bermuda Triangle of Pipeline Leakage

The misalignment between sales and marketing processes costs B2B companies 10%+ of revenue per year.

Even when armed with dashboards, reports, spreadsheets, and business intelligence (BI) tools, marketing and sales teams struggle to diagnose and fix the pipeline and revenue leakage.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce RevSure.AI’s Sales Pipeline Readiness solution, which helps Marketing, Sales, and RevOps leaders get complete visibility into the revenue funnel from leads generated through closed won opportunities.  With RevSure, revenue teams can diagnose pipeline health and turn more leads into qualified opportunities before sales reps ever suffer from a pipeline problem.

Read on to learn how our $3.5M raise led by Innovation Endeavors will enable us to help revenue leaders unlock their full pipeline potential to close the revenue predictability gap.

What is Sales Pipeline Readiness?



Sales Pipeline Readiness unlocks a complete 360-degree predictive view of your pipeline readiness so that Marketing, Sales, SDR, and RevOps leaders know where to prioritize investments to improve pipeline health.

Most importantly, revenue teams like yours can capture powerful insights to understand what’s preventing efficient pipeline generation so that you can maximize the ROI of your revenue operations investments, improve sales and marketing alignment, and bolster pipeline confidence.

Current revenue intelligence solutions enable you to either analyze the marketing funnel or get analytics on the sales journey beyond SQL. Yet they fall short because they do not offer a full, holistic view of your revenue funnel or suggest actionable things you can do to reduce leakage.

How RevSure.AI works

Get A Complete & Holistic View of your Pipeline Readiness

Most quarterly pipeline predictions fail to uncover holistic learnings and trends related to pipeline generation. This is often because RevOps teams are more focused on analyzing sales pipeline, deals, and activities with the goal of getting more opportunities to close.

Broken Funnel and Pipeline

Operations leaders often lean on in-house analytics and BI tools to fill the gap. But unfortunately, these efforts typically require a lot of manual work that is time intensive. In addition, BI tools weren’t built on understanding the nuances of complex GTM motions, funnel stages, cohort analysis, and much more.

Mark Sladden, VP Revenue Strategy & Operations, Lucidworks

With RevSure.AI’s Sales Pipeline Readiness Solution, Marketing, Sales, and RevOps leaders can unlock a 360-degree view of pipeline readiness and AI-based pipeline projections.

Pipeline Projections
With Pipeline Projections, visualize your entire revenue funnel and uncover where leads are getting stuck, how many new leads are being created, and where leaks are happening across your entire revenue funnel.

That means revenue teams can better understand:

  • Today’s pipeline health
  • If there’s enough pipeline for next quarter
  • How today’s pipeline compares to last quarter
  • Where to be placing investments for tomorrow

This allows teams to get insight into the types of activities that convert more leads into qualified ICP-fit opportunities much earlier in the pipeline. Early pipeline intelligence promotes proactive data-driven decisions on where to invest marketing/sales dollars in specific stages of the lead journey. Best of all, ops teams are no longer scrubbing the pipeline or running manual, time-intensive analysis.

Improve Conversions today throughout your Revenue Funnel

Accelerating deal velocity is always top of mind for both marketing and sales leaders alike.

However, most revenue teams are too focused on the bottom of the funnel and don’t take into account valuable learnings that can be gathered from how leads are moving through the earlier stages of the lifecycle to drive down time-to-close. With Lead Conversion Intelligence, RevOps teams can see how leads are progressing through the marketing and sales funnels, pinpoint which channels are working, see where leads are coming in through different campaigns, and uncover which campaigns are performing best.

Funnel trending upwards

Now, marketing, sales, and RevOps leaders can get insight into stage-by-stage conversion trends based on historical context and behavior.

Trends on volume, value, velocity, duration, age, and conversions can now be surfaced. In action, Lead Conversion intelligence equips RevOps teams with the knowledge around which visitors are turning into real leads, MQLs, SQLs, and finally, qualified opportunities.

They can also take into account factors such as channel, lead type, and more to prioritize investments. With holistic insights, RevOps teams can offer recommendations on where to place the budget in order to improve the quantity and quality of opportunities to grow the overall pipeline.

Convert More Leads Into Qualified Opportunities

It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause behind why qualified leads aren’t converting, and this lack of insight is the number one source of tension between Marketing and Sales leaders.

RevOps teams can now spot issues and risks creating blockers in having enough pipeline to hit goals.

Convert more Leads into Qualified Opportunities

No more random acts of marketing.

Pipeline & Revenue Predictions, Attribution and Funnel Intelligence in one place.
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