Bridging the Gap: How Marketing Automation and Pipeline Acceleration Work Hand in Hand

When it comes to pipeline and revenue insights, is your marketing automation platform enough? Simply put, no.

RevSure Team
June 15, 2023
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When it comes to pipeline and revenue insights, is your marketing automation platform enough? Simply put, no. This is because funnel insights move out of the marketing automation platform and into other systems and teams, such as Outreach or Salesforce. Insights for pipeline predictions are key to success, but so is a well-built marketing automation strategy. 

We’ve previously shared how marketing automation platforms and AI-based Pipeline Acceleration tools compare, but now let’s talk about how they work together. 

Increased Insights

Marketing automation platforms contain limited analytics and reporting capabilities, but no robust or predictive capabilities. Integrating your pipeline acceleration platform and your marketing automation platform allows for deep analysis of customer data, campaign effectiveness, and revenue attribution. This empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize marketing and sales strategies.

Understanding to Optimize Process

AI-Based Pipeline Acceleration platforms can show you where bottlenecks are in the system, or lower than average conversion rates between stages. This allows you to navigate into your MAP or where it connects with your CRM and optimize the integration, or the people-process at that stage. This saves time and effort in driving efficiencies and effectiveness, requiring fewer leads to enter the funnel - if more convert. 

This process optimization also allows you to track the entire customer journey, from initial lead capture to conversion and beyond. This end-to-end visibility enables businesses to gain a holistic understanding of customer interactions and behavior, facilitating personalized marketing and sales approaches based on data-driven insights. Full-journey analysis allows for the user journey and experience to be optimized and friction to be reduced as well. 

Improved Marketing and Sales Alignment

Marketing and sales teams are jointly responsible for revenue generation, including pipeline. Using the same tooling and systems allows both teams to see the same data in the way they need to work– furthering alignment on their shared goal of pipeline and revenue. Insights into the process, customer journeys, sources, attribution and propensity to convert allow teams to understand how to create and close more pipeline opportunities.

Revenue Generation

When combining insights from a MAP and a pipeline acceleration tool, go-to-market teams can gain insights and predictions to enhance their lead generation, conversion rates, and overall revenue performance. Optimizing their go-to-market strategy based on efficiency will not only keep marketing balanced and sales teams fed with quality opportunities, it will allow FP&A and finance teams to feel comfortable with the cost-of-acquisition as well. 

In today's competitive landscape, relying solely on a marketing automation platform for pipeline and revenue insights is not enough. While marketing automation platforms provide valuable functionality, integrating them with AI-based Pipeline Acceleration tools can bring increased insights and optimization capabilities. By combining the deep analysis and predictive capabilities of a pipeline acceleration platform with the customer data and campaign effectiveness tracking of a marketing automation platform, businesses can make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing and sales strategies. By leveraging the insights and predictions derived from both platforms, businesses can drive efficiency, create more quality opportunities, and achieve better overall revenue performance.

No more random acts of marketing.

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