Marketo & revsure

Gain Better Insight Into Your Marketing Automation Platform and Efforts Impacting Revenue

Marketing automation tools are excellent for building lead flows and creating opportunities. Sales intelligence platforms help the sales team efficiently run outbound motions. Both meet in your CRM platform, to be worked and converted into deals. But what happens when you take your conversion rates and pipeline analysis earlier in the funnel– and look into predictive analytics?

This is why RevSure was built– to provide transparency into the full pipeline journey and funnel conversion. Your marketing team doesn’t love signing up for a pipeline contribution target without any insight into what is actually attainable this quarter or year. To help them avoid this and allow them to pull in steps from the early-stages of the lead journey, we’ve partnered with Marketo!

For all Adobe Marketo Engage Users, we are excited to announce that our native-built integration is now live!
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What happens when you connect your Marketo Engage to RevSure?

Gain insights to better understand which activities impact opportunity creation and revenue generation. Know which deals are real.

Get insights to partner with sales teams to prioritize specific leads and opportunities for pipeline acceleration. Have a direct impact on conversion.

Know what channels are producing revenue and focus your efforts and budgets accordingly, instead of relying on instinct. Optimize your marketing spend.

Connect your Marketo and RevSure platforms today to unlock the combined insights in your pipeline today!