Salesloft & RevSure

Maximize your outbound programs

Streamline pipeline creation and empower your sales teams for enhanced efficiency.

Outbound sales and business development teams frequently collaborate with marketing teams to attract and convert the most promising accounts and leads for your product offerings. However, what if you could take your analysis of conversion rates and pipeline a step further by utilizing predictive analytics to drive even better results?

This is precisely why RevSure was created – to provide complete visibility into the entire pipeline journey and funnel conversion process. To take this a step further, we have partnered with Salesloft, ensuring seamless alignment between marketing and sales operations. Now, both teams can access critical conversion points, such as the transformation of Marketing-generated leads into Sales opportunities, all through a unified interface. This integration streamlines processes and workflows across both teams, leading to heightened efficiency in all endeavors, ultimately resulting in improved ROI and increased revenue.

For all Salesloft users, we are excited to announce that our native-built integration is now live!
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What happens when you connect your Salesloft to RevSure?

Predict pipeline and revenue forecasts earlier in the funnel - know whether you are going to hit your number (or not) with enough time to act and effect the outcome.

Gain better understanding into which leads and accounts should be prioritized for increased pipeline value and conversion likelihood.

Focus outbound efforts based on the channels and streams which are converting at the highest rates - boost your future booked revenue.

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RevSure.AI is now SOC2 Type II Compliant
RevSure.AI is
SOC2 Type II Compliant