Harnessing Your Next Best Action for Pipeline Acceleration

Understanding the "next best action" is crucial for pipeline acceleration because it enables you to take proactive and targeted steps to keep your prospects engaged and moving through the funnel.

Deepinder Singh Dhingra | Founder & CEO
December 12, 2023
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Ready to accelerate your pipeline? The key is to understand and harness the next best action.

What is the next best action? It is the most effective step to take with a prospect or account to move them forward in the sales process. It is based on the prospect's individual needs, preferences, and stage in the buying journey.

Why is the Next Best Action Important for Pipeline Acceleration?

By understanding and taking the next best action, you can:

  • Engage with prospects at the right time
  • Personalize your interactions
  • Allocate resources efficiently
  • Optimize the sales process
  • Improve forecasting and planning
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Attribution vs. Next Best Action

Many organizations focus on credit and attribution in their lead and opportunity creation process, but which matters more—campaign attribution or the next-best action?

Attribution is the process of understanding the impact and contribution of different marketing touchpoints or activities to overall conversions or revenue targets. Attribution helps evaluate marketing ROI and optimize conversion and revenue strategies.

The next best action takes it a step further by focusing on opportunity acceleration and delivering personalized experiences. While both concepts play a critical role in pipeline generation, understanding the "next best action" is crucial because it enables you to take proactive and targeted steps that keep your prospects engaged, moving them through the funnel more efficiently.

The Value of Next Best Action

While attribution provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy, next-best action takes it a step further by focusing on opportunity acceleration and delivering personalized experiences.

Anticipating the optimal next interaction for a lead or account allows you to guide them through your customer journey seamlessly and optimally. This increases conversion rates and revenue growth. Here are some of the benefits of focusing on the next best action.

Timely Engagement: Knowing the next best action helps you engage with prospects at the right time, ensuring you don't miss opportunities or leave them waiting too long. Prompt follow-ups and timely interactions are essential for maintaining prospect engagement in the sales process. Knowing the next best action allows you to follow up in the right way to keep the momentum going. 

Personalization and Relevance: Understanding the next best action allows you to personalize your interactions based on the prospect's needs, preferences, and stage in the buying journey. By tailoring your approach, messaging, and content, you provide a more relevant and valuable experience, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Efficient Resource Allocation: Identifying the next best action helps optimize resource allocation, ensuring your sales and marketing efforts are focused on the most promising prospects. By prioritizing activities that have the highest potential to advance the pipeline, you maximize productivity and allocate resources where they can yield the best results, in this case, the best conversion rates. 

Sales Process Optimization: Understanding the next best action provides insights into the overall sales process, enabling you to identify bottlenecks, gaps, or areas for improvement. By analyzing and optimizing each step, you can streamline the pipeline, reduce friction, and accelerate deal velocity.

Improved Forecasting and Planning: The ability to anticipate the next best action enables more accurate forecasting and planning. By understanding the typical progression of prospects through the pipeline, you can project revenue, identify potential roadblocks, and take proactive measures to mitigate risks or address challenges. Insight into the next best action allows you to influence conversion rates and increase deal likelihood. 

Enhanced Customer Experience: By consistently offering the next best action, you provide prospects with a seamless and guided journey. This creates a positive customer experience, builds trust, and fosters long-term relationships, leading to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals.

Competitive Advantage: Emphasizing pipeline acceleration through the next best action gives you a competitive edge. By being proactive and responsive, you differentiate yourself from slower competitors. This increases your chances of winning deals and outperforming the competition.

How to Harness the Next Best Action

There are several steps you can take to harness the next best action. By following these steps, you can accelerate your pipeline and close more deals.

  1. Identify your target audience and their needs. Who are you trying to reach and what are their pain points?
  2. Understand the sales process and the different stages of the buying journey. What steps do prospects typically go through before making a purchase?
  3. Track and analyze lead and account behavior. How are your prospects interacting with your brand and what content are they consuming?
  4. Use marketing automation to segment your audience and deliver targeted messages. Group your prospects based on their behavior and interests, and send them relevant messages.
  5. Implement a CRM system to track interactions and manage the sales pipeline. Track all interactions with prospects and opportunities in a centralized system.
  6. Use AI and machine learning to personalize interactions and predict the next best action. Use data and algorithms to tailor your approach to each prospect and anticipate their next needs.

Time To Start

The “next best action” is a powerful concept for pipeline acceleration. By taking advantage of it, demand gen and sales teams can engage with prospects more effectively, personalize their interactions, and allocate resources efficiently. This leads to a more streamlined sales process, improved forecasting and planning, an enhanced customer experience, and a competitive advantage.

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