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Why RevSure?

RevSure is the only Full Funnel Attribution Solution that enables modern Marketing & Revenue teams to build pipeline faster and confidently prove marketing ROI.

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Average customer increase in booking ROI in year one


Typical increase in MQL to Opportunity Conversion Rate


Average return on RevSure Investment within the first year

RevSure provides actionable intelligence and predictive insights to navigate the challenges of pipeline expansion, ROI amplification, and demand generation optimization. Propel your strategy forward with data-driven certainty.

Attribution: Move from Measurement to Actionability

Old Game
NEW Game
Measurement of ROI & Contribution
Full Funnel - Campaigns and activities across Marketing, SDR/BDR and Sales motion
Who should get the credit?
What activities /segments /touches /campaigns will maximize pipeline & revenue performance for upcoming weeks/months
Measurement of ROI & Contribution
What to double down on? Where to put the next marketing $? How to reallocate spend?
Quarterly; Backward Looking; Wait till end of quarter/campaign
Pivot early! Don’t wait till end of quarter! Near realtime tracking & attribution, with forward looking performance predictions
Reporting on Campaign Effectiveness;Some Insights for Planning
What is the “Next Best Touch/Campaign” to drive speed to pipeline and revenue
Old Game
Measurement of ROI & Contribution
New Game
Full Funnel - Campaigns and activities across Marketing, SDR/BDR and Sales motion
Old Game
Who should get the credit?
New Game
What activities /segments /touches/ campaigns will maximize pipeline & revenue performance for upcoming weeks/months
Old Game
Measurement of ROI & Contribution
New Game
What to double down on? Where to put the next marketing $? How to reallocate spend?
Old Game
Quarterly; Backward Looking; Wait till end of quarter/campaign
New Game
Pivot early! Don’t wait till end of quarter! Near realtime tracking & attribution, with forward looking performance predictions
Old Game
Reporting on Campaign Effectiveness; Some Insights for Planning
New Game
What is the “Next Best Touch/ Campaign” to drive speed to pipeline and revenue

predictive full funnel attribution

How RevSure Works was built to give high growth marketing teams the insight they need to confidently scale and prove ROI of marketing contribution to the pipeline. This is how it all works.

1. Integrates With All Your GTM Data

RevSure connects natively to your entire tech stack, including: Website Analytics, CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Ad Platforms,  ABM Software, Enrichment Tools, and more.

The data from all of these systems powers the RevSure GTM Data Graph.

2. RevSure GTM Data Graph™ Comes Online

The RevSure GTM Data Graph connects all prospect touch points and harmonizes data from multiple systems across the Marketing, SDR/BDR, and Sales motions. Historical data is used to train this model and it becomes the single source of truth.

3. Journey Timeline Is Constructed

The touch points for every lead, account, and opportunity are stitched together in the Journey Timeline. This makes it easy to identify factors that drive conversion behavior across demographic, firmographic, technographic, interaction, and journey attributes.

4. Unified Funnel Reporting Across Sales, Marketing, & BDR Motion Becomes Available

The end-to-end funnel view across the entire GTM motion is now available. Here, you can analyze stage-to-stage volume, value, velocity, and conversion characteristics across the entire marketing and sales funnel in one consistent view.

5. Multi-Level AI Engine for Insights, Predictions, & Recommendations Activates

The RevSure AI Engine™ powers campaign performance predictions, campaign spend reallocation recommendations, next-best touch, pipeline health and booking potential - and much more.

High Performing Marketing Teams Win with RevSure

Beyond Numbers: How SnapLogic Uses RevSure to Gain Actionable Insights From Their Data

What are the best performing marketing campaigns, and how are they trending quarter? Which A/B tests are actually accelerating opportunities ?

Shreha Jain, Director, Marketing Operations at SnapLogic discusses how RevSure enables her team to better understand - and tell stories with data - giving them an additional layer of insights not previously available to the team

BigID Customer Story - Deciphering the Marketing Funnel

Tom Murtaugh, SVP of Global Business Operations at BigID explains why getting actionable insight from the Sales and Marketing Funnel can be such a daunting task - and how RevSure is revolutionizing that process for his team.

 “With RevSure, marketers can confidently understand what will happen in the future and plan accordingly. RevSure provides insights that help you take actionable steps to improve your campaign effectiveness and overall marketing ROI - it’s one of the very few tools I use every single day.”

Tom Wentworth


"Just the breadth of information that RevSure presents around the whole funnel is excellent. While most companies look at just the pipeline or marketing data, RevSure bridges that gap by connecting the entire funnel. That's the core differentiator because I haven't seen any other platform offer this level of capability."

Mark Sladden

Revenue Operations Leader

“B2B revenue productivity is at an all-time low. The best way to improve it is by digging deep into the blockers in your funnel and pipeline. Finally having stage-by-stage conversion, in one comprehensive view, is super powerful and actionable — it’s a level of insight I never thought we could achieve.”

Tom Murtaugh

VP, GTM Operations

connect everything

Power Up with RevSure

Integrate your sales and marketing tech stack for next level visibility into your end-to-end funnel.


Integrate Sendoso campaigns directly from the source to elicit the full funnel impact of your gifting campaigns across the Marketing, SDR/BDR and Sales initiatives


Integrate G2 Intent and Engagement  signals across Product, Category and Competitors to shine a light on the dark funnel, better track and attribute the entire anonymous visitor to conversion journey, improve full funnel attribution and enhance AI-powered lead and account prioritisation


Your HubSpot Marketing Automation and CRM data provides visibility into the full funnel for both marketing and sales. That information allows for more accurate prioritization and AI-based predictions for revenue creation.

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The integration of your Marketo marketing automation data will allow for better understanding of which leads are more likely to convert and which channels and campaigns are most efficient at producing revenue.

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Integrate your Salesforce CRM data to build a unified pipeline in Revsure and write back Revsure’s AI-powered pipeline and booking predictions to better prioritize leads and opportunities.


Pardot integration allows your marketing automation data to into Revsure. This helps to create a unified view into the funnel, allowing for a focus on efficiency.


With Salesloft, we can include data from your outbound efforts more seamlessly, helping you to understand the role outbound plays in your buyer journey and how to optimize it.

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Using the integration, customers will be able to understand which sequences are generating more leads and opportunities, and how those are performing.

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Data enrichment through your RevSure account with information from Apollo. This will give you more insights into your ICP and personas.

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Integrating with Slack allows you to receive recommendations and daily digests on what is happening with pipeline in real time.


The integration with LinkedIn Campaigns allows you to optimize campaigns based on revenue and pipeline creation, running more efficient ads to your target audience.

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With the Meta Ads integration, customers will be able to measure the lead, pipeline, and booking ROI of ads and campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. This integration will allow insight into the cross-funnel impact of those ads, as well.

Google Ads

Google Ads integrations allows for ROI maximization from campaigns, ads and keywords. This feedback allows you to optimize for revenue instead of top-of-funnel metrics.


Connect 6sense Revenue AI™ to RevSure and unlock the next level of insight. Go beyond intent with AI-powered recommendations that give you real time visibility into which leads have a propensity to convert into pipeline.


Connect Demandbase Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software to RevSure and enhance your ability to find and engage with the accounts and buying groups most likely to convert into revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much historical data does RevSure need to build out an accurate model?

Typically, one to two years of historical data across your marketing automation platform (MAP) and customer relationship management software (CRM) will be more than enough to begin training our data models.

What is RevSure Reli?

RevSure Reli is a Gen AI-powered chatbot designed to enhance marketing and sales performance by combining the capabilities of generative AI with integrated data​​.

What does RevSure offer for marketing teams?

RevSure helps digital, demand generation & growth marketing teams scale winning campaigns and prove marketing ROI.

What is the Interconnected GTM Data Graph with a Multi-Level AI Engine?

This feature combines granular learning of lead/account/opportunity journeys with the macro GTM motion unique to every business​​.

Can RevSure help optimize marketing spend and ROI?

Yes, RevSure offers insights into marketing ROI by channel, campaign, or lead source, allowing teams to focus on the most impactful tactical mix​​.

What are some key features of RevSure's AI technology?

RevSure's AI technology provides real-time pipeline projections, recommendations for prioritizing leads, audiences, and tactics, and aligns sales and marketing efforts for revenue generation​​​​​​.

How does RevSure integrate with existing CRM and marketing platforms?

RevSure allows the import of account, contact, or lead level data from CRM and marketing automation platforms to configure a custom funnel integrated with predictive intelligence​​.

How does RevSure aid in pipeline projection and quality assessment?

It tracks pipeline and booking predictions, offers real-time pipeline projections, and helps in assessing win rates and pipeline quality​​​​​​.

Can RevSure identify trends in marketing campaigns?

Yes, RevSure can analyze marketing campaign performance to identify trends, predict future performance, highlight areas to allocate more resources - or stop spending, and diagnose where leads are leaking in the funnel​​​​.

How are updates and insights delivered through RevSure?

RevSure delivers updates and insights via email, Slackbot, or a customized dashboard, catering to the preferred method of communication.

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