BigID Democratizes Data and Optimizes Campaign Strategy with RevSure

BigID gained team-wide access to data and campaign information at a granular level to optimize marketing strategy with RevSure's full-funnel marketing attribution solution.

Louis Abate | Head of Marketing
November 14, 2023
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As a high-growth technology company in a competitive market, BigID’s marketing team moves quickly and wants to move even faster. But data siloed in separate systems and lack of campaign visibility across the whole team was preventing each member from driving their own programs to optimize strategy. The company wanted to ramp up its analytics capabilities to drive results more effectively.

“We had visibility, but it wasn't democratized and I think that’s really important as a high-growth tech company. We move very fast. It's important to me that my team is enabled and empowered to move quickly and make strategic decisions. A tool like RevSure makes all the difference in terms of that,” said BigID CMO Sarah Hospelhorn.

Democratize and Improve Speed to Intelligence

BigID’s marketing team wanted team-wide access to data and needed campaign information at a granular level to optimize marketing strategy. Campaign results, spend, and channel data were not integrated in a single place, and it was difficult to see at a glance what was working and what wasn’t without putting in extra manual effort.

Building reports was a mostly manual process that required going through multiple people and multiple systems—LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Salesforce, and more, requiring a multi-person undertaking to validate marketing strategy.  

The company sought a solution to empower the whole marketing team with easy access to real-time campaign information and become a truly data-driven marketing organization.

BigID Implements RevSure’s Full-Funnel Attribution Solution

BigID selected RevSure as its marketing ROI and attribution vendor and quickly gained the visibility it needed at the pace it required. After an hour in the software, the marketing team could mine a steady flow of insights.

“One of the biggest reasons we like RevSure is because it enables multiple people on the team to be able to look things up with granular views to validate strategy. It empowers them to drive their own programs, make recommendations, and it reduces time for the team as a whole to maintain a data-driven strategy."

Empowered Marketing Team Gains Fast, Easy Full-Funnel Visibility

RevSure allows BigID’s marketing team to move as rapidly as it needs to, providing full-funnel visibility, and erasing the pain of relying on marketing operations, analysts, and manual digging through systems for insights.

The marketing team can now look at multi-touch attribution methods and easily toggle between first touch, last touch, and any touch models. This provides tremendous value, allowing the team to analyze results, plan strategy, and see what worked and what didn't quickly and easily.

The software integrates directly with BigID’s ad channels, making it easy to have a single source for everything from accurate spending to consistent campaign names. BigID’s demand gen team is able to view data by different channels down to the campaign level to mix and match for a more informed strategy and micro-optimization.

“There are multiple people on our demand gen team who go into RevSure every day and can easily point and click and get what they need. That makes them more agile, and makes us more responsive and able to optimize our campaign strategies, which in turn drives growth across the entire business."

Map Every Touchpoint and Optimize Marketing Results

RevSure’s Marketing ROI and Attribution solution helps marketers in every industry gain full-funnel insight into every lead source, campaign, and channel. Our AI-powered solutions give you the key to decode the deep funnel and scale up your best-converting campaigns. 

With RevSure, you can now easily: 

  • Gain true full-funnel attribution
  • Learn the highest-converting channels and campaigns
  • Make better decisions about how to allocate budgets
  • See lead journeys by buying stage
  • Scale top-performing campaigns and optimize your next best marketing action
  • Adjust your marketing mix across the full funnel

RevSure unites marketing attribution and full-funnel management for unprecedented insight into buyer journeys. Map conversion paths through every touchpoint and understand the best next action to keep buyers engaged.

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