How do you measure and increase the health of your pipeline generation? Find out in our latest whitepaper.

Empowering Ongoing Marketing Planning with Next-Gen Funnel and Pipeline Visibility

In rapidly changing and evolving times, with compliance changes and an uncertain economic climate– marketing strategy cannot be set in stone. While most strategies were built in fall before a new year started, the most successful will be those which constantly refer to the performance and edit the plan.

Inside you’ll find

Insights on the Challenges Your Strategy Faces this Year

A year with reduced budgets, but increased targets, as well as compliance changes and migrations in your analytics systems.

The Importance of a Feedback Loop with Customer-Facing Teams

Sales teams are closer to prospects than other teams, working closer with them allows for a better lifecycle experience overall.

How to Pivot Based on Revenue Contribution

Gone are the days of goals based on MQLs and leads, as marketers focus on revenue-based KPIs, efficiency is the name of the game.
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