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Do you have enough pipeline going into the next quarter?

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Philip Lacor

"It's the start of a quarter. Please scrub your pipelines and ensure it reflects reality. 2 days later, the pipeline takes a 40% haircut, and you realize you don't have enough coverage. Do you have a "pipeline" or a "pipe dream"? With increasing economic uncertainty, confidence in your pipeline has never mattered more."

Barry Sowerwine
Ex-CRO & Former SVP Sales of Tableau Software

Build your pipeline. With confidence.

What if you had advanced visibility into the pipeline to easily comprehend its health? As a salesperson, it’s the safety net you need, to bank on the conversion targets for the next quarter. We help you avoid days of scrubbing the pipeline, and bring the much needed pipeline visbility for you to gauge - is the pipeline enough?

With predictive recommendations about the pipeline, spot issues early that might otherwise impact your pipeline readiness.

Increased confidence in your upcoming pipeline for the next quarter/month, etc.

Better pipeline health understanding and insights into future pipeline readiness

Improve revenue achievement through personalized ICP fitness recommendation

Spend less time in pipeline scrubbing as solution automates the process

Sales Pipeline Readiness to convert 10X leads to qualified opportunities

Marketers, SDRs, and Sales need to be more prepared to meet their pipeline generation targets and accelerate the lead to qualified opportunity journey. And that’s where “Sales Pipeline Readiness” is the resolution.

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No lead intelligence lost in translation in the revenue funnel

Get to know the pipeline health in advance to address them

Confidence in meeting pipeline targets and lead to opportunity conversions

Assess pipeline health and gear-up for the next sales cycle

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