Tracking Targets in RevSure: Entering a Battle Prepared Is Half the Battle Won

Simplify the process of tracking targets - and get AI-powered recommendations on how to hit them.

RevSure Team
August 2, 2023
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“Are we going to hit our booking target?”

This is a usual question that gets asked in a quarter.

What if we take a step back and answer the question “Did we enter the quarter with enough pipeline?”

Last month we introduced the capability to add monthly/quarterly targets for both booking and pipeline. Some of our customers have been early adopters and they are loving it. Why?

Tracking targets effectively is a two-fold problem today:

  1. Where and how they are tracked
  2. The technology to give contextual actions based on them

Where and how are targets tracked?

Most of the target tracking today happens in spreadsheets. There are multiple versions and copies of it and that not only makes having a single source of truth and tracking changes difficult, but even knowledge transfer when the person or team maintaining them goes on leave or moves on to a new job.

This is why we added the capability to add targets right in the RevSure application - the one single source of truth and insights for everything about your marketing and revenue funnel.

With this new capability, RevSure customers will be able to add 

  1. Booking targets for quarters/months
  2. Walk-in pipeline or pipeline coverage targets for these quarters/months
  3. Pipeline generation targets for quarters/months

Like all other capabilities in RevSure, adding targets is highly configurable.

Customers can add targets for any dimension or field of their interest such as region, team, country etc.

Targets can have rollups too. For example, adding targets for every region you operate in and then for every team in those regions is very easy.

You start with the quarterly target, first do a % breakdown of regions and then another % breakdown of teams in those regions.

Some customers even track multiple configurations of targets e.g. Team rolling up to Region as one configuration and Business Segment rolling up to Region as another configuration. 

The technology to give contextual actions based on targets

Is having a target or goal enough to achieve it? Of course not!

One needs to know how they are trending to their targets and course correct if necessary.

With RevSure’s full funnel and predictive AI capabilities, customers can understand how they’re trending to their targets and get recommendations on hitting those targets.

These are some key questions RevSure answers:

Do I have enough pipeline walking into the next quarter?

Seeing the currently open pipeline for the next quarter right by the target sets up the context for this question. RevSure’s predictive AI also tells customers what they can expect to have in open pipeline when they walk into the quarter - The total pipeline that is projected from the previous stages in the funnel and anything additional that can be expected from the marketing and demand generation efforts.

How is the pipeline quality? How much more pipeline do I need to hit my booking target this quarter?

RevSure’s AI also predicts the quality of the pipeline in terms of a projected win rate. With this, customers also get a recommendation for the pipeline they need to have to hit their booking target. Lower the quality, higher the pipeline coverage they need.

How can I accelerate pipeline generation to plug this pipeline gap?

RevSure comes with a Lead Prioritization module that helps customers filter and focus on the leads that have the highest propensity to convert into pipeline. With this, customers can arm their demand generation and sales teams with lists of leads they can go after daily or weekly.

Adding the context of targets to RevSure’s full funnel and Predictive AI ensures you are all prepared going into the next quarter. And as we know, going prepared into a battle is half the battle won.

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