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It's Time to Move Beyond Legacy Attribution Solutions

Stop looking in the rearview! With RevSure you can actively Track, Predict and Adjust campaigns with Predictive, Full-Funnel Attribution

Searching for a full-funnel marketing attribution solution? Don't rely on a backward-looking, rules-based attribution tool!

RevSure's modern marketing attribution empowers your team with AI-powered predictions and recommendations, giving your team full-funnel visibility to both track and optimize campaigns - Leading to 3X pipeline growth.

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See the Future of Attribution

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Track the Entire B2B Customer Journey
Simple Activity or Campaign Reports
Detailed Reports, with areas to focus on
Predictive Pipeline and Forecasting Dashboards
Ability to Prioritize Leads or Opportunities
Based on AI and
Likelihood to Convert
Based on Manual
Lead Scoring Only
Attribution Capabilities
Demand Generation Effectiveness Insights
Cohort Intelligence
“With RevSure, marketers can confidently understand what will happen in the future and plan accordingly. RevSure provides insights that help you take actionable steps to improve your campaign effectiveness and overall marketing ROI - it’s one of the very few tools I use every single day.”
Tom Wentworth—CMO, Recorded Future
“B2B revenue productivity is at an all-time low. The best way to improve it is by digging deep into the blockers in you funnel and pipeline. Finally having stage-by-stage conversion, in one comprehensive view, is super powerful and actionable — it’s a level of insight I never thought we could achieve.”
Tom Murtaugh—VP, GTM Operations, BigID

Decoding the Marketing Funnel

Tom Murtaugh, SVP of Global Business Operations at BigID explains why getting actionable insight from the Sales and Marketing Funnel can be such a daunting task - and how RevSure is revolutionizing that process for his team.

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It's Time to Move On From Legacy Attribution Solutions

Legacy Attribution

Attribution + Prediction + Action

Key Issue Addressed

From Attribution

Who/What touch should get credit?

To Attribution + Prediction + Action

What activities/touches/campaigns will maximize pipeline & revenue performance of campaigns and marketing activities for upcoming quarter?
Results Provided

From Attribution

Measurement of Marketing ROI and Contribution

To Attribution + Prediction + Action

What to double down on?
Where to put the next marketing $?
How to reallocate spend to the campaigns/channels predicted to perform the best

From Attribution

Limited; Reporting on campaign performance; some insights for planning

To Attribution + Prediction + Action

Specific campaigns/channel/campaign type recommendations to focus on, which leads/accounts to target and prioritize, and “next best action” to drive speed to pipeline and revenue

From Attribution

Marketing campaigns only

Closed pipeline/revenue sourced or influenced by marketing

To Attribution + Prediction + Action

Campaigns and activities across the Marketing, SDR/BDR and Sales motion
Touches and campaigns to accelerate stage-to-stage conversions along the buyer journey, from anonymous visitor to closed-won
Results Timeliness

From Attribution

Quarterly, backward-looking, marketing influence on closed opportunities

Wait until end of quarter/campaign to pivot

To Attribution + Prediction + Action

Instant, real time tracking, with forward looking predictions of pipeline generation and closed revenue from existing pipeline
Don’t wait till end of quarter/campaign. Pivot and reallocate spend now!

Take Attribution to the Next Level

Forget MQLs. Discover which channels, tactics, and campaigns truly spark demand and which ones fall flat. Zero in on your ideal customers, make better budgeting decisions, and prove ROI with hard numbers.