Get the Information You Need Instantly With Reli

When you need answers quickly, Reli is there for you. Reli uses generative AND predictive AI to dive into your sales and marketing data and serve up answers instantly. Quickly answer:

  • Which campaigns are generating the most SALs?
  • How much pipeline have we generated this quarter?
  • Which campaigns have the highest spend this month?
  • Which campaigns have generated the most pipeline this year?

Even better, Reli embeds in Slack, so you never have to open another app to get the most up-to-date, accurate answers.

  • Simply “Slack” your question to gain valuable insights
  • Share answers with team members easily from Slack
  • Save frequently asked questions and get answers with one click
  • Query data across all CRM and automation platforms
  • No coding needed with Natural Language Processing

In-App Summaries At Your Fingertips

Reli serves up answers instantly from anywhere. With a few simple queries, you can create reports, get information, and analyze past performance—all from within the platform.

  • Build dynamic in-app pipeline
  • Analyze historical and current data instantly
  • Forecast pipeline and future trends
  • Proactively adapt marketing and sales strategies
  • Share answers with team members easily

Automated Email Summaries and Reports

Give your team the information they need, when they need it. Reli streamlines communication with auto-generated emails. Share critical, time-sensitive information and recommendations without extra effort.

  • Get convenient in-app pipeline readiness summaries
  • Save time with automated email reports
  • Improve performance with lead and demand gen recommendations
  • Democratize data and empower teams
  • Keep information flowing at high speed

No more random acts of marketing.

Pipeline & Revenue Predictions, Attribution and Funnel Intelligence in one place.