Configure the RevSure and HubSpot Integration

NOTE: In order to begin the integration you would need a provisioned RevSure account. Reach out to your CSM or drop an email to

To integrate HubSpot with RevSure:

1. Select HubSpot on the Add Datasource page.
2. On the Configure HubSpot page, enter the Connection Name.

Give a unique name to your instance.

3. Select the Historical Sync Data for your HubSpot integration.

Note: By default, the sync duration is set to 18 months. The sync duration gives insights into trends, and helps with projections and estimations.

* Click the Sync Historical Data dropdown list to change the duration.
** Select sync duration for historical data - 18 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, or All Data

4. Set the Sync Frequency. This determines how often RevSure will connect to HubSpot to replicate new data. The duration of replication may vary depending on the available data. By default the sync frequency is set to Daily. Click the Sync Frequency dropdown list to change the settings. Set how often you want to sync the historical data.

5. Repeat: Select the frequency of syncing the data - Every 6 hours / Every 12 hours / Daily

6. If you select Daily Sync:

⦁At: Select the time you want to sync the data.

After setting sync frequency, set the time zone for the time at which the sync should occur.

7. Click Connect.

This takes you to the HubSpot page.
Enter your HubSpot credentials to authenticate the connection.

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