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We have a motto here at RevSure.AI: Don’t let your pipeline become a pipe dream. With budgets and resources shrinking across marketing and sales departments, it is more important than ever to adopt an efficient growth approach to hit your targets.

What if I told you there was a way to never miss your pipeline and revenue targets while being extremely efficient? There are four pillars to confidently developing a targeted demand strategy that consistently achieves and even exceeds pipeline and revenue targets — and we want to show you what this could look like for your organization.

Join Jonathan Hill, Head of Sales, RevSure.AI, Fern Hernandez, Director, Marketing Operations, Mindtickle, and Paige Gerber, Senior Director, Demand Generation and ABM, where they will share:


What a unified pipeline and funnel looks like across marketing and sales


How to leverage real-time data and AI to forecast pipeline and find opportunities to optimize marketing programs


How to spot pipeline leakage across all funnel stages so you can adjust tactics and mitigate risk


The best way to align revenue teams and create accurate GTM strategies

It’s time to make projections and plans based on what is actually happening across your marketing and sales funnels. Register now ➜