The Power of AI in Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategies

Modern-day-marketers and President’s Club sellers have realized– if they work together, goals are much more attainable.

RevSure Team
April 20, 2023
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Sales and Marketing have a storied history of fighting, throwing each other under the bus and diminishing the efforts of each other. However, modern-day-marketers and President’s Club sellers have realized– if they work together, goals are much more attainable. Sales operations and marketing operations are no exclusion to this, neither is the tech stack each team is building. In fact, research by the Aberdeen Group showed that companies with strong alignment between marketing and sales achieved an average of 32% annual revenue growth, while those with poor alignment saw a 7% decline in revenue.

That’s exactly why we’ve added a partnership and integration with!  Pulling in information from Outreach allows RevSure to use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze sales calls and meetings, allowing for insights to improve sales performance.

What benefits do you get when you apply artificial intelligence and pipeline analysis to outbound efforts?

Enhanced Intelligence

The more data, the better the decisions, right?  In theory, yes, but humans can only look at so many elements and calculate the patterns.  This is where artificial intelligence helps!  Evaluating the full customer journey– with marketing and outbound touch points, you are able to see the ‘ideal path’ and hand-off points. This information can help optimize both sales and marketing strategies, including identifying the most effective marketing channels, sales scripts or tailoring outreach messages and cadences.

Streamlined Workflows

Using the analysis between various marketing and sales touches on a customer journey, you are able to understand the best points for automation or workflow improvement. This could help to improve both conversion rates and acceleration. These workflows and automation improvements can focus on lead scoring and touchpoints, or highlight timing and relevant interactions.  Using AI can also help to refine messages, timing and overall improve the customer experience to keep prospects engaged and moving through the sales funnel.

Improved Effectiveness

Insights around outbound calls and meetings, such as conversation quality, talk-to-listen ratios, sentiment analysis allow for coaching, best practice sharing and overall effectiveness. The intelligence and the streamlined workflows allow sales and marketing teams to be more effective in working together to convert leads to qualified opportunities.

Aligning marketing and sales teams continues to be a work in progress and a priority for many teams.  Using AI to pull marketing and outbound journeys together closer allows for improvement in conversion rates, acceleration and the customer experience.  Learn more about why we partnered with here!

No more random acts of marketing.

Pipeline & Revenue Predictions, Attribution and Funnel Intelligence in one place.
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