How AI is changing the Sales landscape - AI in B2B SaaS sales

AI and ML significantly impact many industries, and B2B sales are no different. From conversation intelligence, pipeline closure, and predictions, AI and ML are poised to be one of the key technologies in this decade for every SaaS company out there to adopt.

Sharath Iyengar
June 30, 2022
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B2B SaaS and Software buyers today expect a personalized yet frictionless buying experience. Buyers seek guidance and value-added information from sellers to decide what best suits their business needs. Given this fact, AI and ML are revolutionizing sales by offering B2B SaaS organizations the power to create intelligent, adaptive sales processes customized to enhance customers' buying experiences.

At the same time, AI/ML, when used correctly, can provide SaaS organizations with a significant competitive advantage. They'll be able to increase lead volume, pipeline generation, forecasting, improve close rates, and raise overall sales performance.

SaaS companies boost their sales and revenues by choosing the right GTM strategy. The correct GTM motion helps them achieve product-market fit faster, prevent costly mistakes, increase sales conversion, and minimize customer attrition. AI is shaping go-to-market (GTM) strategies in various industries. These SaaS companies focus heavily on utilizing artificial intelligence to gain a competitive advantage. Want to know how?

This article will look at how AI is used to bolster SaaS B2B sales. So, what's the wait?

Happy Hunting!

1. Improve accuracy in Sales forecasting

Forecasting sales is one of the most challenging yet critical tasks for sales managers, especially if you are a SaaS organization since it considers current and potential future subscriptions. SaaS organizations' predictability in sales is not straightforward as they operate on the subscription-based business model.

However, as vital as this is, most firms fail to forecast accurately. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in.

Managers can now use AI algorithms to accurately predict the next quarter's sales, going beyond the actual number and improving execution.

Aviso, for example, provides AI-powered pipeline insight that helps forecast your sales more precisely. It claims to predict your end-of-quarter outcomes on Day 1.

2. Driving better velocity and Sales execution acceleration

Conversational Intelligence directly impacts sales acceleration and drives better sales velocity for SaaS companies. Due to their ability to track critical metrics that contribute to sales enablement and acceleration, advanced conversation intelligence solutions have become more valuable in modern times. This helps customers get personalized, human contact when talking to a sales rep. It also allows businesses to assess factors, establish plans, and enjoy the benefits of accurate metrics, automated coaching, and improving training paths.

"Customer relationship management (CRM) systems organize the sales process, but they don't accelerate it; sales acceleration technology, on the other hand, increases the velocity and shortens the sales cycle. The very word itself is designed to describe what it does.",
according to
Ken Krogue, President and Founder of InsideSales.

InsideSales is a SaaS enterprise platform that uses ML and an integrated strategy to accelerate sales using emails, calls, predictive hiring, gamification, and lead scoring.

Few other notable players offering such solutions are Gong and Chorus.

3. Improve Sales pipeline generation and coverage

Pipeline Generation/Building

Do you know that 98% of website visitors do not convert? Platforms like Pathmonk aids in building a sales pipeline by using AI to influence the buying paths of visitors to obtain 50% more consumers.

With AI, sales managers will have better insight into the health of their sales pipeline for your SaaS product.

The AI-powered solution can help you solve the problem of building the sales funnel. It enables you to create a solid sales pipeline and boost it by automating the whole process, instantly qualifying the leads, estimating crucial information like the deal value or the buying intention, and routing them to the right person and sales steps in your funnel.

All of this increases lead opportunity conversion and improves buyer and prospect engagement.

As a result, you can generate a consistent and predictable revenue stream.

Pipeline Coverage

AI-powered sales also help you anticipate how much revenue each team has to create in the open pipeline to meet the quota by the end of the quarter. This sets your teams up for success in future quarters.

Say bye-bye to the multiplier rule of thumb to figure out how much pipeline you'll need to reach your goal.

4. Improve growth and retention of customers

Upselling and cross-selling products are another way B2B SaaS companies leverage AI to increase growth and customer retention. AI-based sales enablement tools like Outreach are becoming popular these days because of their ability to identify and create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for SaaS companies.

Let's look at how-


Recurring revenue is going to make or break the SaaS B2B business. Upselling allows the creation of recurring revenue streams for their SaaS business. By leveraging the power of AI to augment sales intelligence, they can sell a higher plan of their software and boost revenue.

AI-driven sales can help analyze every call to gauge customers' needs, objections, expectations, and intent. You can push your sales representatives team on the correct path and convert more leads for their SaaS B2B business!


AI-driven sales enable SaaS companies to address various customer issues with their wide range of solutions while boosting customer retention. They benefit from selling non-core products that give a more comprehensive solution to the consumer. AI may assist them in cross-selling by-.

  1. Tracking customer behavior and financial data to better gauge customer needs and identify new add-on possibilities.
  2. Assist the sales reps in identifying potential clients for certain add-on services.
  3. Use innovative pricing tactics to encourage cross-selling.


Artificial intelligence has progressed significantly and is used by businesses to optimize operations, inform decisions, and enhance the customer experience. The B2B SaaS industry is no exception.

Artificial intelligence is no longer a nice-to-have. Sales teams must have agility and resilience in a fast-changing competitive environment.

It is true that not every SaaS organization is ready to implement an AI strategy. Still, if you're overwhelmed by the quantity of data or your representatives need additional support, you'll need a platform to help you make sense of it all.

There is so much artificial intelligence going into understanding sales. Still, a holistic view and understanding of the entire funnel to improve sales are also critical to all this BOFU tooling, and that's where Revenue Operations as a function is growing.

RevSure is building out this end-to-end observability platform to provide insights, analytics, and intelligence to change how you engage with your customers.

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