Apollo.io users, we are excited to announce that our native-built integration is now live!

Marketing automation tools are excellent for building lead flow and opportunities. Sales intelligence platforms help the sales team efficiently run outbound motions. Both meet in your CRM software, to be worked and converted. But what happens when you take your conversion rates and pipeline analysis earlier in the funnel– into the sales intelligence platform?

This is why RevSure was built– to provide transparency into the full pipeline journey and funnel conversion. No longer must you sign up for a pipeline contribution target with no insight into what is actually attainable. And, to solve for sales intelligence analysis, we partnered and built an integration with Apollo.io.
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What happens when you connect your Apollo to Revsure?

Ability to enrich contact or company data directly in your RevSure account
Experience a more seamless integration around data from your sales intelligence platform, to your marketing automations system into your CRM