RevSure Product Updates - March 2024

Our March release is full of new features and capabilities to help you get more attribution insight, improve marketing ROI, dive deeper into buyer journeys, and increase pipeline and revenue with AI-powered insights and recommendations.

RevSure Team
March 12, 2024
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Enhanced Buyer Journeys

Discover your most prominent buyer journeys from deep within your funnel, all the way to pipeline and revenue.

What are your most prominent journeys in the path from lead to pipeline? Which campaigns are the most touched? Which activities lead to conversion?

Now you can answer these questions with RevSure’s enhanced Journey Module.

Journey Visualization

Updated Journey Timeline

Understanding individual journeys has become easier with the updated Journey Timeline View

Identifying the source of a lead, which campaigns they touched, what activities they performed, and how they moved through the funnel has never been easier. See ever interaction and activity of the lead, opportunity, or account in a sequential flow.

Journey Timeline View

New Integrations

Enhanced Capabilities with new integrations with 6sense, Demandbase and CSV

  • 6sense - Identify website visitors, enrich RevSure pipeline propensities with 6sense account and contact scores
  • Demandbase - Identify website visitors and enrich them
  • CSV - Upload sheets with offline spending and accounts/contacts engagement times

New Integrations, Including 6sense and Demandbase

Deep Funnel Optimization

Deep Funnel Optimization of Google Ads Clicks with Configurable Prioritization Model for Event Writeback

Using our rules-based scoring model, you can now create custom rules for scoring Leads, Opportunities, or Accounts. In addition to using it for prioritization, these scores can be written back as Offline Conversion Values for Google Ads Events.

Enhanced Scoring Model

Campaign Recommendations

Receive Recommendations on which campaigns to Stop, Continue, and Increase Investments using AI Campaign Recommendations.

RevSure’s AI-Powered campaign spend reallocation gives you real time recommendations on how to optimize your efforts for success.

Set rules based on the historical and predictive performance of your campaigns to ensure you make the most out of your Marketing budget. The Campaign recommendation combines human intelligence + quality and momentum of your campaigns to recommend which campaigns to continue, double down, and end.

Campaign Recommendations

Campaign Role

AI + Rules-based “campaign role in the funnel” in Demand Generation Effectiveness

Do you know the stages of your funnel, in which your campaigns and channels are the most effective? The “Campaign Role” recommendation highlights the funnel stages (ToFu, MoFu or BoFu) in which the campaigns or channels play an important role in the conversion.

Campaign Role

Cohort Movements

Progressions, Regressions, Skips, Leakages, and Open - all in one view

Funnel Movements are complicated and difficult to understand. The metrics and numbers vary according to one’s own definition and we decided to build a common solution.

The Cohort Movements view helps you understand what is the generated volume in a stage, what progressed to other stages in the funnel, what regressed to other stages, what leaked from the stage, and what is still open in the stage as of a particular date.

Cohort Journey

Movements Table

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