State of pipeline generationThe 2023 State of Pipeline Generation

The 2023 State of
Pipeline Generation

Raise your hand if you have a fool-proof way to predict and generate pipeline.

In a perfect marketing world, we would know exactly what levers we have to pull to drive growth. In reality, many of us are still having a hard time coming up with the perfect marketing mix required to hit our targets while keeping acquisition costs low.

In partnership with Ascend2, we surveyed 424 marketing leaders in our annual State of Pipeline Generation Report, to get a glimpse into the state of their pipeline, approach to pipeline generation, and how they plan to hit their revenue targets in the year ahead.

So how are marketers maximizing engagement and increasing impact on pipeline creation and revenue actualization in a scalable, efficient way? Download the report now to find out!
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Key Findings

The ability to predict pipeline is basically non-existent

Generating pipeline comes with substantial challenges for marketers, the most significant barriers to success being lack of adequate data, scalability issues, and allocating budget.

Getting out of “fire drill” mode is a necessity

Marketers surveyed report that they spend too much time in “fire drill mode” answering questions from leadership regarding revenue projections and pipeline forecasts.

Lack of confidence in ability to convert across the marketing funnel

Marketers are not confident in their ability to convert prospects throughout the entirety of the funnel. This lack of confidence is most apparent in the middle and bottom of the funnel.

Inability to spot funnel leakage

A major red flag presented itself in the findings. Most marketers don’t know where there is funnel leakage and conversion bottlenecks. The lack of insight is causing higher acquisition costs.